Where is RehabMaker's headquater?

San Francisco, USA


What is RehabMaker's email?



What is LegMaker?

LegMaker is a device attaching on any wheelchair, giving wheelchair users an access to an excellent rehabilitation by muscle workout.


What is the current development stage of your product?

Finished the first prototype.


What makes LegMaker unique?

  • Attach on any wheelchair
  • Easy set up
  • Opportunity to do exercises everywhere - indoors and outdoors.
  • Autonomous and independent of the connection to a stationary electrical network
  • Collect data, calories, distance
  • Get information about training and handle parameters  through mobile application


Do you have proval of the effectiveness of the device?

Yes. We have several doctors reviews (can check it here LYNK). The prototype was been tried by 3 people. Also as a result of pre-clinical tests, necessary as one of the first stages of the FDA procedure in USA, product information will be updated with new reviews.


When I can get product?

After FDA clearance in USA, March 2020 (Anticipated).


Do you have certifications and other documentattion of quality?

As we undergo the procedure of FDA our products meet all the requirements of quality and safety.