Why believe?

The human brain is capable of much. He can destroy his own organism, and can heal. No wonder there is a science dealing with the study of the appearance of the disease. For example, viral infections are very fond of people in anger, anger, and tumors and tumors are evidence of resentment or anger.

One woman in the night before the operation to remove the tumor strongly imagine how it dissolves and disappears. What was the surprise of the doctors who did not find the tumor in the morning on the X-ray.

Rehabilitation will never help a person who does not believe in his own recovery. Such skepticism puts the inner block on a positive result.

As you carry the faith in recovery, your consciousness, your thought develops ways to achieve the materialization of your thought, your desire, your dream. Gradually, step by step, your brain is tuned, "programmed" to implement a given program, the desire to survive. Your consciousness (and the subconscious mind too) begin to filter out all the information from whatever senses it emanates and discard everything that does not contribute to your desires and thoughts.

All the stories of the people who have risen to their feet are the stories of indomitable faith with their own strength. Use your head to realize your dreams.

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Nikita Chizhov