Walk again

22-year-old Paul Mccrary from Windsor began to walk. Five years ago he broke his neck while playing football in high school, then the story had spread, the doctors said firmly that he will never stand on his feet.

The guy was paralyzed from the neck down completely. But according to him, he could feel a strange sensation: warm who touched his feet, for example.

A month the young man was on the ventilator. Later he was treated with medications, they were joined by the daily sessions with a physiotherapist. Interestingly, all treatment was paid by the state and charitable donations. How strong no matter the treatment, the most important is that the patient takes the remaining 23 hours.

But Paul Mccrary worked on myself and did not listen to pessimists. Here is his advice to people who are in a similar situation:

1. Be sure to present yourself healthy. Visualize what you want to achieve.

2. Most of the time from the injury until today he spent in a wheelchair. When he could hold a pen (been a year) , Paul write the walls with motivational phrases. For example: "Yesterday you promised you'll do it tomorrow".

Typing the name of Paul McCrary on Youtube, you can see him training in the gym. He has a Facebook page. Now Paul is able to go on crutches for about 250 meters, he gets down and rising up, he got right in car, went to University and even moved out of his mother's home, leaving  wheelchair. Says that the feeling of independence is beyond words. “I can go anywhere, out to go where I want,” the jubilant young man.


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Nikita Chizhov