The story of a man who survived cancer

Probably, no one disease doesn't take as many lives as cancer. Surely everyone can find a close or a friend who could not cope with the disease.

"We realize that cancer, as a disease, incurable! Our thoughts, adding every day, more and more new information about deaths from cancer and thousands of cases that gradually are programming our subconscious mind on negative actions!

Almost every day in the hospital someone was dying.

Many patients was similar to concentration camp prisoners, studded with needles and hung with plastic bags with tubes to collect the secretions. The skin color of these people was some kind of grayish-yellow-green.. Men and women hastily washed in the same room, naked, knowing that to hesitate each other senseless.

And then I asked myself: "I want to cure?!"

If there was a hell, he's right here in this hospital...

After seven days of this purgatory, my sister was brought to the hospital an article entitled "Ohayanyi prorok", which I not read, I'm not believed, although I read before about the method of Shevchenko (vodka with butter) and wanted to try it for yourself. The next day sister insisted that I read the article! I had nowhere to go.... First impression after reading: hope!

After a horrible radiation therapy I came home. After that and decided to go to Frolov, who sent me on the road to recover. The commandments, many of which are observed daily:


1. Do not eat sugar and all sweet!


2. All the food, whatever it was, to chew until, until it becomes liquid! Only then swallow.


3. Diet, namely to eat cabbage (sauerkraut better), carrots, beets, tomatoes (cask, sour), cucumber, and other vegetables. Fruit. Garlic, onion, herbs, mustard.


4. Tap water is not to drink! To filter or to buy.


5. Make nut Extract on kerosene - on the scheme, which You take to treat his illness.


6. Every day do special exercises.

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Nikita Chizhov