Gordey 29 years, he lives in Kazakhstan with his wife and daughter. He works as a photographer and his work is popular among amateurs, and even photography professionals. Gordey has no limbs since birth: arms and legs. He moves on prostheses, but has learned to perform almost all the actions with his hands: "I can’t just shave my armpits, repair and collect small parts, twist the bulb ... for now, everything that I remember from what I can’t do." 

Gordey's inexhaustible optimism is worth learning for everyone, because he, despite his peculiarity, is engaged and develops in his favorite business, boldly goes to meet life. 

"Most of my difficulties are connected with the fact that I do not have arms, but with the fact that I do not have legs and I go for prostheses. My main enemy is the period from November to the end of March - ice, drifts, ice again. But in the summer it's not difficult to fall: the prosthesis is not fully bent, bumps and stones, armatures sometimes stick out" hero writes in his blog. 

Here is one of the photos of the hero, which seemed to me the most interesting. Space.

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Nikita Chizhov