The one life story

Maxim Fadeev from Belarus wanted to serve in the airborne brigade. He was preparing to serve — was seriously engaged in sports. He do it.The Marines often perform at various celebrations. Maxim had to play the role of a dead soldier. His helmet was tied a dummy of

cardboard with explosive and red ink. In this room, when a soldier gets shot at, there is a small explosion, the person pours the paint, and he drops dead. An error occurred. And the soldier was severely wounded in the head.

He was completely paralyzed. Four months he spent in hospitals nearly stationary. «…And when I got home, the doctor told my mother to buy a wheelchair to facilitate his care». Then his inner self first protested: "No strollers, canes and crutches! I'll go!". Didn’t know that the road to physical recovery will be a long — drawn out more than ten years.

Now he says that sport really helped him. Sport in General as a way of life as his philosophy. Long and persistently coached each hand, tied some burden and tried to raise. The exercises were repeated for 1000 times. Still nothing worked...

The guy has slowly moved around the room holding on to different rails. «One day, when the apartment was empty, got to the kitchen, because I wanted to drink. In the window I saw a funeral procession. And he... was jealous of the deceased, that he feels no pain, that got quiet». Then suddenly Maxim got the idea to finish all at once. From the straps of the parachute which brought him for training, he quickly made a noose, fastened it and threw on the neck. He was shaking, as if in a terrible rush. Had to take one step... And then the door someone knocked loudly. The knocking was very persistent. And, as Maxim says, as if some power of his own hand firmly dropped that noose. He crawled to the door, opened: on the threshold stood a man who had brought the brochure with the new system lessons.

In the end, he opened for kids Boxing section. And does it up to five dozen children, that small district is not so little. This means that the students managed to tear away from computers and televisions, to inspire physical activity.

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Nikita Chizhov