Stationary or mobile?

The market of rehabilitation simulator for the disabled can be divided into two camps: fixed and mobile. 

Today we will look at the reasons why a mobile device still better than a static, and whether or not to develop this direction of inventions for rehabilitation. 

1. Stationary training equipment type "MOTOmed" suggest that people in protease training exclusively engaged in this process and nothing more. Mobile, like our future "LegMaker", give the opportunity to do their own thing and to practice: city walk, household chores, sport activities, reading - during all these sessions can be work. 

2. Cost. Price MOTOmed - from 11 500$ for the cheapest model. We will try to make a much more reasonable price. 

It is obvious that the price fixed devices more than the price of the mobile, which works on the basis of existing wheelchairs. The difference is very great. 

3. Size. Huge stationary machine requires space, which in this case is not there! At least 1.5* 1.5 meter requires MOTOmed. Your mobile device fits in the bag. 

4. Social acceptability. Small gadget, attached to the stroller, will not allow its owner to feel uncomfortable. Stationary apparatus always reminds medical equipment. 

"Legmaker" will be to give autonomy to its owner, it will not be tied to the rehabilitation center. 

5. Mobile device easier to sell, exchange, donate, because it is suitable for various types of wheelchairs and behind them the future.

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Nikita Chizhov