What in Russia?

People with special needs like no other need to communicate. And the advent of the Internet opened the way for them the world of virtual communication, thereby giving them the opportunity to communicate comfortably.

In the world there are many communities of disabled people, in reality and online. They help special people not only find friends, but to resolve legal or financial issues to protect their rights.

On a few of Russian on-line communities we will talk today.

1. "DISLIFE" – this is an online service for disabled people, united by a common purpose – to connect people with people.With the help of our services people find helpers and volunteers – those who need help, job seekers, employers,and vice versa,willing to communicate – friends and love, seeking the support of the authorities – can to tell about problem.


2."The world accessible for all"

The accessibility of facilities and services is an opportunity to visit the places, buildings and premises, receipt of services, use of the devices for all: for ordinary people and for people with limited mobility, including disabled people of different categories.The main principle of an accessible environment — equality and convenience for all.

Organize struggling with negligence in relation to the improvement of streets and subsidy to sedentary citizens.


3.All-Russian society of disabled people

The objectives of the VOI are:

assistance to persons with disabilities in the implementation of equal rights and opportunities with other citizens of the Russian Federation;

protection of rights and interests of persons with disabilities;

assist in the integration of the disabled into modern society.


4. The Union of invalids of Russia – all-Russian organization that unites people in a special sign of identity. This partnership aimed at creating decent living conditions for Russian citizens with defined capabilities and realizing their potential and adaptation in the modern society.



In addition to the official community, there are many informal, usually they are in social networks. They are more

help in communication, although helping solve each other's problems based on his experience.

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Nikita Chizhov