Paraplegia is the paralysis of both lower or both extremities.

Paraplegia occurs due to organic lesions of the nervous system or psychogenic. Organic paraplegia may develop as a result of bilateral lesions of the Central or peripheral nervous system.

More likely to suffer from the failure of the lower extremities. It is on these people and will focus our invention.

This serious illness has many forms of treatment. The main therapeutic method consists of gymnastics and massage. There are many techniques and equipment, many of which have already told you. But the drug will not help, they are assigned only to relieve spasms. In any case can not allow the muscle to atrophy, even if the person does not feel. Only when quality made massages, charging and exercises for legs it is possible to preserve the activity of the patient patient.

A patient with paraplegia is not so easy to teach to sit, but that's what you need to do first. To learn to sit need a many time. Improve health and have a positive impact sulphur baths, mud treatment. This method is excluded by observation of the patient or diffuse systemic sclerosis, tuberculous spondylitis. Some patients have shown electrotherapy, paraffin baths on the muscles of the legs.

Mental attitude and regular exercise is the only way to get to his feet again. That is why we want to give people a chance to make it faster using our invention.

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Nikita Chizhov