Paralysis after a stroke – the most common.

It's not a sentence, but a tough challenge for both the patient and his close relatives.

Usually paralysis affects the part of the body of the patient, which is the opposite of the damaged area of the brain. So, if damaged in the right hemisphere, will be paralyzed left side of body and Vice versa. This fact is natural.

All treatment with this diagnosis can be divided into 4 types: by using medications, physical therapy (which includes massage), vitamins, and folk methods. It is desirable to combine all these methods and find the one that will help individually.

Also there are two types of treatment that are less popular: it is homeopathy and surgery. In surgical treatment there are two methods of surgery. The first is a classic method involves the expansion of the carotid artery. The second method – catheter balloon angioplasty of the artery. The principle of operation is the same as during angioplasty of the heart arteries. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Sometimes resort to sessions with a psychologist.

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Nikita Chizhov