"Observer" — a Russian company engaged in the development and production of wheelchairs and associated equipment to ensure "barrier-free environment" for people with disabilities. Founded by Roman Aranin by in 2009. 

In 2004, during the paragliding thoroughly the company had an accident, which left almost completely paralyzed. After surgeries and rehabilitation, he was able to partially restore mobility to the head and arms. Later, he together with his friend engineer has developed a set of Rover, and in 2009 opened a company "the observer" for the creation and implementation of such devices. 

Later, the profile has broadened from sales of own models of vehicles for disabled people, the company has established relationships with Western companies who sell purchased foreign stairclimbers, lifts, stairs and stairs that turn into platforms. 

Own products sent to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina. 

The company also implements the creation of a "barrier free environment" for people with disabilities, engaged in the construction of airports for the needs of people with disabilities (already equipped 15 airports), however, work on equipment beaches for the disabled (already has 8 beaches), work is with museums. 

A total of 11 models of strollers firm "Observer" is presented for sale. Automatic stroller will cost you the sum from 100 to 800 thousand rubles. In the first case it is a standard stroller without any bells and whistles. You can buy a wheelchair with electric drive and the function of the street overcoming barriers, including stairs. 

Chair wheelchair electric with the function of overcoming the street barriers, including stairs. Observer the Hybrid is the wheelchair with electric drive and integrated walking that combines a stair lift and easy wheelchair. Built-in stroller stupenkah allows you to overcome stairs with any type of surface and form. Support system during the ascent and descent allows you to make a minimum number of forces to the operator, and makes the entire procedure completely safe. A hybrid anatomic chair, with removable cushions. The backrest angle is adjustable electronically with a joystick. The tilt angle allows you to take a horizontal position. A Hybrid wheelchair equipped with modern lighting equipment LED which saves battery. For the type of control installed: – Front lights – Brake lights.

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Nikita Chizhov