We will continue to tell you about our competitors, but at the same time, the colleagues with whom we do one thing – help to rehabilitate people.

Today we will tell you about a German company that produces simulators "MOTOmed".

The company RECK Medizintechnik is one of the leading companies in the world in production of rehabilitation devices robotic mechanotherapy.

The trainer MOTOmed belongs to a class of robotic mechanotherapy. Mechanotherapy and lessons on the simulator MOTOmed exercise by performing the upper and lower extremities of the cyclic rotational movements, the different character of muscle contraction (the direction of rotation and the degree of active effort), pace of execution and duration. While operational control over the quality and dosage of exercises is carried out with the use of biofeedback parameters: rotation angle, speed, resistance, direction.

Today produced several special models of therapeutic trainer:

MOTOmed Gracile (12 300$) is especially for children;

MOTOmed Letto (22 400$) – for bedridden patients;

MOTOmed Viva 1 (discontinued) is a complete simulator that allows the entire training program. Models are available without display and exerciser for the upper body and arms, without display holder hand model display and exercise equipment for arms and legs;

MOTOmed Viva 2 (11 500$) it is specifically designed for patients with severe motor deficit, moving in wheelchairs, for patients with limited motor skills of the hands, feet, fingers and poor eyesight;

MOTOmed Cycling - training game MOTOmed Viva 2 or Gracile, using a special attachment. The MOTOmed is connected to the computer, the game starts "Cycling", select the desired track Cycling. The patient manages her own racer with the help of an ergonomic steering wheel.

Thus we see that the industry is developing and every year the market out of all new inventions. Only together, looking at each other, we can achieve the maximum result in the production of rehabilitation devices. Therefore, we write about competitors.

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Nikita Chizhov