The world's first prosthesis with the technology of contactless payment has been created "Motorica" together with "Alfa - Bank". Its functions include:

* Maintenance of Bank accounts and issues the mini map

* Work with all contactless payment devices (terminals in stores, ATMs, etc.)

* All account information is displayed in the mobile Bank and SMS

"We are literally launching today with Alfa-Bank technology contactless payment built into our  prosthesis. Actually, the payment in the store is a real pain for people that use prosthesis. With these small steps we can solve all problems that occur among our potential users of prosthetics," — said Ilya Chekh, the head of "Motorica".

In prosthetic hand "Stradivarius" developed "Motorica", it is possible to place the first card from Alfa-Bank that simulates a Bank card. When paying with a prosthesis is brought close to the payment terminal. If the purchase amount exceeds 1 thousand rubles, then the payment will need to confirm the pin code. According to the head of "Motorica" to the end of the year will be developed prostheses that will integrate additional functions, for example, access point Wi-Fi.

"Now technologies are incomprehensible  and the things that we develop, the solutions we find, they are quite cheap. If to speak about Russia, in Russia all the prostheses that we developed, people get free. We have a special program that provides adult and child needed dentures. Today, with the development of production technology, digital design, price is very quickly reduced. If five years ago, the prosthesis was worth space money, today they are relatively cheap, and this approach helps to reduce development costs, component costs decrease," said the Ilya Czech.

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Nikita Chizhov