"To see the value of each" is the motto of the first world Congress of people with disabilities. In the capital of the Urals arrived 700 participants from 27 countries.

Hussein Zalaya (originally from Kuwait, studying in Lebanon, school for people with disabilities), suffers from epilepsy:

The first time I participate in such an event. Our delegation arrived at their own expense, but we managed to buy a cheap tickets. At the Congress of the friendly atmosphere. But I was surprised that in the Russian airports there is no priority for people with disabilities, in our country such people are missing the forward, and here we were in the General stream. Another problem I encountered in Russia — there are few who speak English. And even in Kuwait and Lebanon, people often smile and always open to communication, but there is not.

Paul Tisanio, visually impaired from Cameroon, Director of the school for the blind:

— In our school is 45 children aged from 7 to 22 years, there are all conditions for inclusive education. Subsequently, these children will be able to obtain profession and find employment.

It is my first time in Yekaterinburg.The Congress, which takes place here is important. It's great that people with health problems have come together and can chat, discuss their problems and needs. I also hope that this event will help ordinary people understand that the disabled can contribute to society.

Oleg Grigoriev was injured during the arrest of the offender:

— I am a former policeman, however, saying that former police officers does not happen. In 1998 I participated in the arrest of the criminal who tried to Rob a Bank. The offender was armed with a fighting grenade. An explosion occurred, after which I amputated the left hand and right foot... Thanks to relatives, friends, comrades in the service were overcome all difficulties and again rose to his feet. I think Congress could encourage as many people as possible know about high-tech prostheses and other means of enabling disabled people to lead an active lifestyle.

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Nikita Chizhov