Ilya Newmarin

Ilya Newmarin, master of sports of Russia in sports among persons with lesions of the musculoskeletal system, gold and bronze medalist of the World Championship 2014 (UK) and twice silver medalist of the World Championship 2015 (Netherlands).

"In sports I came long time ago... in childhood my mother gave me swimming lessons (at the time for health purposes), over time I liked it, and I became involved in sports clubs, but the competition was not involved, since not even know about the concept of adaptive sports. After swimming, I dabbled in karate, Boxing, loved the bike and generally tried to develop more versatile. In athletics came quite by accident. My first swimming coach suggested I try my hand in athletics and included me in the team of the Orenburg region for participation in the First all-Russian sports festival of the disabled which took place in September 2011 in Moscow. It was my first competition. Then, I came back with two prize-winning places (2 and 3) and performed the standard candidate master of sports in the long jump. After such a start and even the thought arose that this case can be cast. The goal was set - the master of sports. As they say, only forward!

To train I encourage all new goals, striving for new results, and personal records. The workouts are difficult, but always a pleasure. After all, what we do in training, strengthens us, both physically and mentally.

Sport gives me faith that I can do much more than I think. With every new personal record confidence increases".

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