Invacare Corporation — leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, including for people with restricted mobility. Their products are appreciated for quality, allowing for comfortable travel in wheelchairs: power, maneuverability, stability. 

The history of the company dates back to 1885 when the Worthington company began production of wheelchairs for people with disabilities. Modern history begins with Invacare 1970-ies, when Johnson&Johnson decided to sell his unit for the production of wheelchair, known as Invacare.

Today the company presents its products in more than 80 countries. 

Invacare electric wheelchairs are operated through batteries and are able to overcome from 23 to 42 km depending on the model and additional options. Batteries are recharged from the usual outlets. For the flow batteries allows you to monitor led charge indicator.

The range includes 7 models, but the Top 3 wheelchairs from Invacare , in our opinion, looks like this:

1. Electric wheelchair Invacare Dragon - $7050

Equipped with a function of rise in a vertical position, which is very important for comfortable intercourse. 


2. Electric wheelchair Invacare TDX SP - $8849

The most convenient for movement on the street, easily maneuvering will overcome obstacles. Refers to the premium segment. 


3. Electric wheelchair Invacare Storm - $6284

Affordable price, convenience, tehnichnosti. Thanks to the modular design Invacare Storm easy modernizarea.

The company also released a simple, inexpensive active model - Invacare Spin X costs about $1205. It consists of quality materials, but, of course, can not much that make her colleagues from the higher price category.

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Nikita Chizhov