International day

3 December is international day of persons with disabilities . It was approved by resolution 47/3 of the UN General Assembly of 14 October 1992 with the purpose of attracting attention to disability issues.

To include people with disabilities in the world, there are two equivalent wording: "persons with disabilities" and "disabled people", but gradually tolerant "people with special needs." Disability is often called a "silent tragedy."

Currently most people with disabilities live in developing countries (80%).

According to the UN, from 785 to 975 million persons with disabilities are of working age. Among them, only 10-20% have a permanent job. Only half of disabled people have a permanent access to health services.

On 3 December at the UN level and in different countries of the world are held various exhibitions, seminars, conferences, festivals, competitions.

Every year the Day is dedicated to a specific topic. In 2015 - "the Importance of involvement: accessibility and empowerment for people of all abilities", in 2016 - "achieving the 17 sustainable development goals for the future we want".

For day of persons with disabilities this year was chosen the slogan of "Change, aimed at creating sustainable and flexible society for all".

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Nikita Chizhov