Hero of our time

The winner of the contest "hero of our time" and the magazine "Domashniy Ochag" on how to survive the amputation:

"After surgery, strong pain in the head and constant dope, my brain worked so bad. I also began to rebound, learn to eat with the left hand.

The question "why me?" do not ask yourself. Think it's inherently wrong. Everyone is guilty of something, everyone has skeletons in the closet. But God never punishes. It only gives you lessons, a reason for reflection. Therefore, it is necessary to ask another: why did it happen? And still have any trouble finding something positive.


It seemed that good can be found in my? But I saw the pictures of the car, crushed like a beer can. And decided: Yes, all right, all of it is over!

Just think, no piece of leg and arm. But the head is intact, spine intact.

We have a two-storey house, and the first time I cant above the first floor climb. On one leg without hands on the ladder jump is unrealistic. And we down together with the children moved down seat on the pillows. They have fun playing. I also laugh.

The first year I did nothing. Adapted mentally. But then I decided every day to learn something.

Cooking with one hand is very difficult, but I think: "Really?" First, to make the soup, I was waiting for someone to help, clean vegetables. Now easily do it yourself.

Almost all of the housework, even Ironing. The only thing that I cant to braid daughter's hair.

Prosthetic arm I have, but I'm not wearing it. He just masks the problems. Heavy, rubber, doesn't know anything. To put smart, with electronics? But I have a pension ā€“ 4700. Plus two thousand from social security. Will not clear. Be the first disability group, would pay more. They say: "You smile, head work, can walk, and the first ā€“ only very heavy." And allowances are also not getting because I never worked. "

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Nikita Chizhov