Exoskeleton device designed to fill in lost functions, increase the strength of the human muscles and expand the amplitude of movements due to the outer framework and the driving parts. Something between science and science fiction. What once seemed like a fantasy - a human robot - became possible.

The Russian company "ExoAtlet" has developed a unique model of exoskeleton - it allows to be rehabilitated and socially adapted to people with lower paraplegia (violations of locomotor functions of the lower limbs). Now people can go through rehabilitation with the help of "ExoAtlet" in several cities of Russia, and also buy for personal use. 

In Los Angeles, the company participates in the CSM conference, in Washington, talks with Medstar, one of the largest private clinics in the United States.

The debut demonstration of ExoAtlet on the territory of South Korea took place within the framework of Kimes, an international medical exhibition in which the Russian company participated together with its Korean partner.

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Nikita Chizhov