Andrey Uvikov

Six years ago, Andrey confidently stood on the feet: beloved family, good job, sport. In the summer of 2011 the life of Andrey Uvikov  divided into "before" and "after". After a serious injury, Andrey can not walk:

"That summer my friends and I were diving on the river. During the jump I broke a cervical vertebra. I Remember, lie upside down and unable to move. Tried holding my breath so as not to choke. Friends thought I was joking, so did not immediately come to help. Injury was severe in 70% of cases are fatal. In the hospital I was operated on urgently. The first few months of moving only the head. A healthy man, I instantly became a vegetable. I was fed with a spoon, shaved, and brushed my teeth. And I kept thinking what will happen next. The family was a mortgage and loan for the car. Wife was on leave to care for a child: son at that time was four, my daughter first year.

Fortunately, we are not left in the lurch. Helped friends and relatives, and two of my boss hired wife. I went through several courses of rehabilitation, practiced every day for 4-6 hours in the gym. The doctors said that I would be bedridden. But today I can sit in a wheelchair, to move around the house, go out in the city on business.

The first rehab trainers I bought myself, because I didn't know that they are allocated by the state. Later it became to obtain free means of rehabilitation.

Trainers gain through public procurement. The contracts give the companies offered at auction for a lower price. Their products is often not what is needed for a disabled, or of low quality. So, now we have not seen the simulator, which develops the musculoskeletal system.

Now developing sites, has become an individual entrepreneur. Wife no longer works, seating with our kids. Anyone who was in a similar situation, I advise you not to stand still. Use the Internet, online courses, distance learning universities, etc. arts and sports also allow you to be realized.

Many disabled people are, indeed, doomed to be alone. Myself it is hard to find after the injury, and to find a mate or to keep the family together even harder. However in rehab I heard a lot of happy love story."

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Nikita Chizhov