Alexey Maresyev - The story about real people

During the great Patriotic war Alexey Maresyev was part of the army. By the spring of 1942 on account of the pilot there were four downed enemy aircraft. But in April, an event happened that changed his life.

In 1942 Alexei Maresyev in the battle of Novgorod covered the bombers, but was shot down by a German pilot. After receiving a severe wound, the Soviet officer made a forced landing, as it turned out, in enemy territory. Almost three weeks injured pilot crawled his way to her. For 18 days he ate only berries, tree bark and pine cones that were found on earth.

Exhausted Maresyev was found by the villagers. And first they think that he is Germany, why not immediately assisted. When they understand, the villagers have taken a man into the house, but this medical intervention to make was nobody. Only 10 days Alexei Petrovich was in the hospital, by the time he had blood poisoning and the horrible gangrene in both legs. He recalled how the pilot later in the hospital he was sent straight to... in the morgue! But on the way there Maresyev intercepted Teresinski Professor, who decided on surgery to amputate both legs.

When Alexey realized that he would live, he immediately began to prepare to return to the front. Invented exercise that allowed to fly with prosthetics. In the winter of 1943 maresiev again conducts combat sortie in the composition of the Guards fighter aviation regiment. In July, the pilot performed the feat of shooting down two German fighter and save the lives of two of their colleagues. For this he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and the glory of the legless pilot flew across the country.

Graduated from the war maresiev in the position of inspector in charge of universities air force. Alexey managed to make 86 missions in combat conditions, which shot down 11 enemy units equipment.

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Nikita Chizhov