Opportunity in Russia

Now a disability in Russia may receive only those people whose diagnosis is specified in a special document or has limitations in physical or mental field not lower than 40 percent. In 2015 in Russia came into force a decree that introduces a system of assessment of disability the degree of loss of function of the body. For obtaining the III group of disability one of the functions must have lost 40 percent. The diagnosis in this case did not play any role. People with down's syndrome, asthma, diabetes, various genetic and hormonal abnormalities may not be in this list, and permanently lose the disability. But 2 Feb 2016 entered into force, the amendment to this act, which approved the list of diseases does not enter it, for example, a boy with a severe form of congenital adrenogenital syndrome. For the life of him required a costly hormone therapy, but because of the loss of disability he can't get free. The decision-makers on this issue, never faced with the realities of the lives of people with a similar diagnosis. We need reform and new solutions in the field of legislation related to special people, because our primary task is to organize the living conditions of persons with disabilities and their functioning in society.

Nikita Chizhov