"White cane"

Day and night disabled people should think about what, how and where they can be useful. Oleg Kolpaschikov, head of the organization "White cane", member of the organizing Committee of the First world Congress for people with disabilities is sure of this.

"Let's start with why we need disabled people at all. This is the main issue of Congress. Until we learn it normally, I would even say cynically answer, everything else – rehabilitation and so on – will be nothing more than stupidity. Means, and will continue on a sentence of court to oblige communicate with disabled peopls. And we need to understand the importance of disabled people in society. Clearly and clearly answer this question.

Disabled person in English – a person deprived of abilities. But! When a person survives in this state for a long time, he has other – compensatory – abilities. And they train every day. For example, blind people have memory, the ability to act in conditions of limited information, imagination, fantasy, empathy, communication skills, orientation in space. Wheelchair users have incredible perseverance. People with mental disorders-increased empathy, sincerity, emotionality, in addition, they are ten times more than we are motivated – they need everything. And the most important additional ability of people with disabilities – the ability to instantly adapt.

When I walk alone with a white cane in the city, I begin to imagine it differently. Here at least twice a week I have one to cross the road with heavy traffic without traffic lights. What feeling, attitude to the world allows me to do it? Trust! And can you imagine what level it is? Here you will be able to navigate a street with a blindfold on? Yes nor in life! Because you have no such confidence in the world. I have one. And it trains every day. What do you think, for ordinary people, these additional powers needed?

So, when properly organized inclusion we can learn to transfer these skills. We only need to learn how to use people with disabilities. And one of the goals of the Congress is to see the value of everyone and show it in practice through the cultural program, master classes and so on.

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Nikita Chizhov