1) You will have difficult days

While many of us put on a happy front, behind closed doors we are all prone to those dark, desolate moments where we can't believe we use a wheelchair. These moments will hit you at weird times too and can be overpowering, like deja vu. The important thing to remember is that it's normal when they do happen. You don't need to run away from them either. They are profound learning experiences and can be overcome. Always remember tomorrow will be better.

2) People will be uncomfortable around you

Maybe it'll be your coworkers, your boyfriend's siblings, or maybe it'll be a friend of a friend, whoever it is, don't take it personally. I know that's easy to say, but not everyone will be uncomfortable around you and they will be high in number too. Ignorance is nothing you want in a friend.

3)Suddenly, your wheelchair will seem ridiculously dirty

Maybe this is just me, but every couple of months or so I will get a good look at my wheelchair and realize it's disgustingly dirty. "How in the world can it get so dirty and so quick?" I always chalk it up to life being dirtier than expected. This is true, but I swear all wheelchairs have some kind of built-in dirt attracting mechanism in them.To avoid this sudden feeling of disgust, make a point to wipe off your chair with cleaner every other day and more if the weather outside is crazy.

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Nikita Chizhov