In 2018, has changed the procedure of establishing disability. Previously, the group determined depending on the degree of disability. She meant somewhat subjective assessment, as was taken into account a person's ability to communicate, training. Now the group is assigned depending on how pronounced persistent disorders of body functions. And this method is more objective, in fact confirm everything is possible with the help of medical examination.


In 2018, introduced a new concept of "habilitation" In 2018, was introduced the concept of "habilitation of persons with disabilities". Rehabilitation is the return of some abilities lost due to illness. And habilitation, in contrast, involves the initial formation of the ability to something, so this term is mostly applicable to young children suffering from developmental disabilities. This program includes a list of items: the citizens will be provided health service, and social. The accessibility of the environment in 2018 the Changes were made and accessibility. Both Federal and regional public authorities were obliged to duplicate all necessary for people with disabilities information in Braille and equip light signals of traffic lights sound. In addition, the government has ensured that persons with disabilities are able to freely use the urban, suburban and intercity trains, and had full access not only to places of public resort, but also to offer them services. In the end, site equipped with additional ramps, signs with Braille and other amenities.

The government also plans to increase social assistance to children with disabilities.


In 2018 will end the first stage of development of the program "Available environment" aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities.

There are also fares in long-distance transport, and free trips to health resorts. People with disabilities can go to College, bypassing a competitive basis, and they give improved conditions for an apartment. 

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Nikita Chizhov