Superhero's Hand

"Motorica" continues to modernize children's prostheses, despite the fact that according to statistics of adults with hands injuries much more. Simply, if the fingers lose people at their age, they are accustomed to do without them, learn to work in a new way with a brush and often do not ask for artificial limbs at all. Parents are actively looking for an alternative and are happy to cooperate with "Motorica".

Children love unusual prostheses: their design somewhat resembles the hand of the Terminator. "Together we considered the design in terms of technical components. As a result, we almost got to what we planned. In general, we have several color versions specially designed for children. We even came up with a separate concept for the logo for children's prostheses and called it "Kibi" so that the child felt like a superhero with this prosthesis and could easily go to school. "

It should be a prosthesis - not to cause pity, but delight. The technology is really amazing.

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Nikita Chizhov