Ruzanna is the absolute world champion in dancing in a wheelchair.

After flu, the girl was completely paralyzed. Only many years later she learned the real diagnosis: the reason was problems with blood vessels.

The first times she was dancing for herself, because dancing has always been part of her life. Fortunately, fate gave Ruzanna wonderful partner Alex. Initially trained together, after having conquered the local scene, and eventually went and in international tours. Training was always very hard for wheelchair users is important for strong muscles of arms and back, they have an incredible load. Ruzanna strengthen your body long before you have achieved the desired level of proficiency.

During one of the first competitions of the girls broke down and simply fell out of the stroller, but, having collected will in a fist, continued dance. The same steps later, it was a lot, but they became stepping stones in order to climb to the honorary pedestal.

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Nikita Chizhov