When mom was waiting for Pauline, she really wanted that her daughter was special. At least, terribly talented and very beautiful. My daughter Polina was born in Israeli hospital.I was planning that a few months after birth will hold in Israel, and after return to Russia, where he remained family, work and everything that I love.

The birth went well, baby was healthy, none of the hospital staff have not noticed any problems. Only the next day I kept the Poly in the hands, and the doctor carefully made sure that when I'm going to faint, didn't drop the baby. And reported that pediatricians believe that the girl has Down syndrome. I just started crying and cry ever since, with short breaks, for several months.

Like all normal parents, I thought that my daughter needs to be at least a little better than me.

I admit that my daughter is not the best?

What surprised me, in General, all pretended that everything is in order.

And the pediatrician said "The girl is healthy?". I said, "No, of course!" and he to me: "down Syndrome is not a disease. Besides him there is no problem?".I thought he was crazy.

Some time later, I realized that the this kids with are just attracted to positive emotions.

All the caregivers and nurses, a lot of my friends, complete strangers loves Polina.

Separately should be said about relations in families where there are children with Down sindrom. Frighteningly often, families break up, fathers do not stand the strain of life with a special child.

Now Polina – cute long-haired girl of six years. She can memorize and carry out instructions, consisting of several stages, nothing confusing. Pauline sociable and willingly engaged in "science" – beginning to learn to read, counts to 20. Poly loves to dance and goes to dance lessons, constantly draws and sculpts (with varying success), is able to stay on the horse. Loves the theatre, from "present" to home, in which she also plays. It differs from the "average" child does not know how to ride a bike, jump on two feet, play computer games, write and read – she just started learning letters. But in General a girl like a girl. The source of joy, not grief. As all children.

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Nikita Chizhov