"It all happened quite by accident.Dislocation, torn ligaments, ruptures of nerves... and Then several surgeries, but the leg had to be amputated. Received the denture, absolutely awful, walking it could not. Besides unhealed knee is constantly made itself felt. And three years later made reamputation..."

Thus ended Darina normal school break, during which it was accidentally fall the stairs.

Despite the problems, Darina not only graduated together with his class, but he entered the Kazan University of chemical technology of the faculty of Economics, and after graduation got a job.

Misfortune failed to break a girl. On the contrary, and after the amputation she hasn't given up a favorite thing — the vocals.

But that's not all the problems that waited for her. Once leaving the bus she was pushed and she fell on a healthy knee, the problems started. The second leg was amputated.

"I was given temporary prostheses and again, horrible quality. Had to abandon Kazan and from work, and from the stage. But I think it's temporarily."

For a year she spent finding all the information on prosthetics: I was looking for, talked with people who had already experienced after the amputation of not just the struggle for the return to normal, but to achieve his goal.


— While there was no snow as I could, walked down the street. Winter trips have become unavailable to me — it is dangerous! As much as I learned to walk at the best of my prostheses, this is not enough even to return to work. After talking with friends in misfortune came to the conclusion that it is necessary prosthetic in Moscow. At least there are more chances to find a good prosthetists. I tried to organize a fundraiser for dentures. The necessary sum was collected, however, in addition to the cost of it, it is necessary to live the whole period of prosthetics in Moscow. On the Internet one girl recommended me to contact the legal aid Centre.I did it. Looking forward to it. So you want to quickly get to his feet, back to work again and to go on stage! I'm gonna sing again. And not in a wheelchair, and on his feet as before.

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Nikita Chizhov