Charles Joseph (nicknamed Sugar Feet) was born in Florida. He was the fourth of ten children in the care of a single mother. His poor family did not have the money.

Perhaps that's why Karl worked hard to become an outstanding athlete. Growing up, he played basketball and football on the street. He fought with the older guys, which taught him to be hardy. More than once he was brutally beaten to the ground, but he always jumped up and again got into a fight.

In the seventh grade, Karl was in the basketball team. Standing under the ring, he jumped straight up and threw the ball into the basket. And this was just the beginning. In high school he played basketball, football and ran cross, while setting records in almost every sport.

At one of the competitions, he jumped to a height of 1.72 meters, then turned, threw the core at 12.2 meters and threw the disc at 39.6 meters. On one of the football matches with much higher and stronger than he, the opponents of Carl managed 11 times to make a lock with a grip, intercept 1 ball and block 1 blow.

In college, the young superstar did not abandon the sport. Karl played as an intermediate midfielder at the University of B├ęthune-Cookman. Subsequently, his five teammates moved to the National Football League of the United States. Team "Wildcats" won the championship of the conference in many ways thanks to the inspiring example of Carl.

The fact is that Charles was born without a left foot. All the competitions in which he participated, passed in unequal conditions: everyone ran, turned and jumped on two legs, and Karl did all this, jumping on one. No prostheses. No crutches. Only courage. When the reporter asked Carl about what restrictions he had, he replied: "None."

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Nikita Chizhov