As a kid, Dylan's brother Zack said he was determined to join in, playing cricket, skateboarding and generally being an annoying little brother.

"He was always really competitive and I think that really played into where he is today. He kind of had that, 'I'm not going to be left behind' mentality."

As the brothers grew up, that mentality was tested as Dylan went through a tough time at school, where some of the kids called him names.

"Some people started calling me 'the cripple' everywhere that I went. I think it's got a real negative connotation that you're broken, less capable, un-achieving, and for two years of my life I started believing them.I became really embarrassed about the fact that I was in a wheelchair, and it was ruining my life, to be honest.Not only did it get me fitter, but I also met people who were just like me, other people in wheelchairs who were smiling, happy, maybe even married, travelling the world, doing things that I didn't know if I could do.I didn't know any positive role models with disability [until then], so it was a real eye opening experience for me."

Now, Dylan wants to be a role model for other young people with disabilities.He's set up a foundation to help them get into sport or study through scholarships and mentoring.

"I'm trying to make disability sexy and fun so people understand and want to care about it.People with disabilities like me, I want to be a client, I want to travel, I want to bank, I want to go to restaurants and I want to do these things but sometimes the customer service and the access isn't good enough for us to do that. So we're just trying to improve these organisations to not only help the disabled community get out and spend their money, but also get these organisations ready to employ people with disabilities, which is a real big passion of mine."

Dylan himself has no trouble finding work. As well as his international tennis career, he's a motivational speaker, Triple J radio host and runs the Dylan Alcott Foundation as well as Get Skilled Access.

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Nikita Chizhov