Disabled people who conquered the world: ray Charles

Genre: jazz, soul, rhythm and blues

Ray Charles's contribution to contemporary music cannot be overestimated.

Ray — the identity of those drummers musical work, which has always been bored with what's available, which is needed to open and constant forward movement.

His musical achievements are not appreciated otherwise: the author of more than 70 Studio and concert albums, a composer with 50 years of experience, a charming singer, a great pianist, arranger and ensemble leader.

Ray Charles Robinson was born on September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia, in an extremely poor family. The father he never knew, his brother and his mother raised alone. The incurable disease was soon added to poverty: glaucomа, and by the age of seven he was completely blind. Shortly before this little ray had to overcome a terrible shock when the brother drowned in front of him. To read and write, and then write down notes, he learned Braille. The boy was able to develop his unquestionable musical abilities at the St. Augustine school for blind and deaf children. Here he studied the art of composition and mastered musical instruments, his favorite, of course, immediately became a piano.

"Father of soul", ray Charles had a genuine fatherly feelings for people are deprived of something. In 1987, he allocated a million dollars to establish a Fund for the deaf and opened a special clinic for hearing impaired patients. He not only participated in the struggle for civil rights, but also actively financed the activities of Martin Luther king Jr. And in 2003, he sponsored a million dollars to the University of new Orleans to develop a special training course on the culture, music, linguistics and cooking of black Americans, their contribution to modern America.

Nikita Chizhov