So many cyborgs at the same time can only be seen in science fiction films. Moreover – they are competing among themselves. And all this in the framework of the event, supported by the President.

"Kibatletica" is a set of activities that facilitate the transition of people with disabilities to a full household and work activities. "Kibatletica" demonstrates how the development and use of modern technical means of rehabilitation gives a man the lost function, changes the attitude of disabled people towards themselves and society's attitude to disabled people as equals.

Athletes compete in four disciplines: prosthetic arm, prosthetic legs, wheelchairs with electric drive and neuro-race.

And if the first three paragraphs are all clear what to do with such a complex notion of neuro-race?

In the discipline of the participation of athletes in wheelchairs with spinal cord injuries of the cervical and thoracic.

It is a future that we can see today.

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Nikita Chizhov