Julia Samoylova

"It's just something I was waiting all my life, since childhood, sitting at the TV with my parents," says Julia Samoylova.

She was supposed to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest last year, but Ukrainian special services was denied entry into the country due to her performances in the Crimea. Julias dream to come true just for a moment.

In a wheelchair the girl was after a medical error — incorrectly immunized. Julia could no longer walk, but she was not angry and did not give up. From childhood, she began to participate in music competitions.

At the age of 13 Yulia Samoilova was diagnosed with spinal amyotrophy of Werding — Hoffman. "They all say: Yes, you are a very interesting, talented, but we're afraid you're not for the big stage. You will not can because of the stroller..." — says Julia. But through the pain and resentment this talented singer and a strong woman came to her dream.

When the soul is light, when everything turns out! No need to put out the fire!"- say our heroine.

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Nikita Chizhov