23-year - old Paige Tanner's father, Alan Tanner, demands a public apology from a man who left a very hurtful note on disabled daughter's car. The incident occurred on Monday. Paige and her mother Julie went to the nearest grocery store, and when they got back, they found a very unpleasant note on the car.

Julie and Paige parked at the handicapped spot and went to the Mall to buy the necessary goods, including medicines for the girl. Paige has every right to leave the car in the handicapped spot because she suffers from trisomy of chromosome 18 (Edwards syndrome). This is the most common autosomal anomaly after down syndrome (trisomy 21). The girl is unable to take care of herself and needs around the clock care.

However, someone saw my mother and daughter out of the car, and suggested that women took a place for the disabled, not having him rights. Unknown left them a note: "I will inform you that you are illegally using a place for disabled people. You and your a healthy young daughter parked the car and got out, not showing any signs of incapacity. Your selfish actions did not allow a real disabled person to park in this place."

Nikita Chizhov