People often think that life without a limb or in a wheelchair is something from another universe. One of those who now wear a prosthesis decided to dispel myths about the lives of people with special needs and answered the most popular questions that were asked of him: .

1) "Disability is a verdict! You feel your helplessness, without society and doctors you can not even walk, but if the prosthesis breaks down... "

I'm as helpless as all the people around me. Try to go for a walk without shoes. And without clothes? All people in this case are "invalids", because just as I can not survive without prostheses - prosthetic wool.

2) "How does it feel to have no legs?" Lose sensations where they used to be. How can this be imagined? .

Strangely enough, nothing changes. Everything feels the same as before. Moreover, the virtual limb is constantly tingling. In general, the feeling is the same, if you put on powerful boots - you have a leg, and you can not scratch it.

3) "Why did not your wife leave you? How does she endure it? "

And what is there to endure? I have not changed, I do not need any special care. Many do not even know that I have something wrong. When they find out, they are very surprised. I myself often forget that I lost something there. If a person does not feel disabled, not behaving like a disabled person, then people around will never perceive you as disabled.

4) "Probably it is uncomfortable to walk?"

With good prosthetics, walking is just as comfortable as before. Even on the wall of the house I can climb on the roof as comfortably as before (I had to do it a couple of times, the staircase was busy). Of course there is such a trauma to the lower limb that the prosthesis is hard to fix, then walking is not particularly convenient, but there are already such options that are built into the bone, becoming its continuation. For people without knees, there are robotic prostheses.

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Nikita Chizhov