Fracture of the neck of the hip

Hip fracture is one of common injuries in older people, injury this for them severe, requiring prolonged treatment and rehabilitation. In 90% of cases affects people over 65.

Why the change is happening in this place? It's simple: the neck is the thin, and therefore fragile part of the femur that connects the body with the head, the load of this area of bone is very serious. This may be because any wrong move, slips on ice, falls, even a simple descent down the stairs.

How to rehabilitate themselves after a fracture?

For a long time the patient will have to spend in the hospital, where the hip will pull on a special device.

The complex of exercises of medical physical culture should start at the earliest time to rehabilitation proceeded successfully. The doctor the traumatologist or exercise physiologist will prescribe how many times to perform the exercises. Already the next day after surgery or immobilization of the patient serves to inflate the balloon. Every day, the number of repetitions increases. On the third day add energetic movement in the upper shoulder girdle, movements of the body and light massage.

Surgery optional. Further rehabilitation depends on the doctor, but we should not forget about the main thing: it is a very difficult injury, which will require the patient for months. After the patient can stand on the injured limb, use a Walker or crutches.

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Nikita Chizhov