In Irkutsk (Russia) veterinarians will try to implant 3D prostheses for fox saved

Irkutsk veterinarians and designers are going to use a 3D printer to make two artificial paws for the wild fox Valentina, rescued from a trap.

"The fox was in a terrible state. The lower jaw is fragmented - apparently, she tried to gnaw a metal trap. One front paw is not present, the second keeps literally on a flap of a skin - nibbled, trying to be released. Hind legs are scalped and frost-bitten. The first impulse was to put to sleep. But fox looked at us so that we decided to try to save. "

The operation took several hours. The veterinarian literally collected the lower jaw of the fox. Lapu could not be saved - had to be amputated. Now the fox has firmly recovered. "All wounds heal, fox is mobile, as far as the injury allows. "

A fox whith disability will not be able to live in nature after recovery, but for it want to create a home and a family.

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Nikita Chizhov