The equality that we are constantly told about in social advertisements and angry articles about the infringement of the rights of disabled people should be in everything and for everyone, not only in the good and for the elected. We have, however, now it has become fashionable to care for children with down syndrome and autism, and funds for the protection of adults with disabilities although are there, but much less publicized than those which deal with "special" kids. After all, it is very easy to do cute PR on children, as some stars did, taking a girl with down syndrome under the wing, which was mistakenly included in the photo album of the class, where she did not study, and then decided to remove her photo. The reason for this bloated sensation is just obscenely small, but as an infopovod it did…

There are, of course, more serious situations — for example, complaints that a person in a wheelchair was not allowed in a restaurant, allegedly not wanting to "spoil others 'appetite". But the emotional background created around them sometimes hinders to understand the details.

Anyway, the leitmotif in these stories is always the infernal image of the narrow-minded masses who mercilessly poisons all who are not like her. In the course are even comparisons with the Nazis and the Ancient Sparta (although archaeologists have proven that thousands of discarded from the rock weak children — no more than a horror story).

The disabled person in such opposition always looks the character certainly positive and offended that obviously cuts off thoughts of equality at which it is necessary to listen to both parties.

Therefore, if we want to talk about the equality of disabled people and all others, we must first of all abandon the unconditional division into "good" and "evil" (which sin the most fanatical humanists), as well as to distinguish the concepts of rights and privileges. Healthy people also need attention, respect, sympathy, psychological help, and those who care about the disabled are doubly.

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Nikita Chizhov