Dancing on a wheelchair

Dancing on a wheelchair is a way of socialization of persons with disabilities, art and sport. It is beautiful and difficult.

What are the criteria set for such an unusual sport?

Dance couple must consist of partners, male and female, one of whom was a wheelchair user (all wheelchair dancers must have a minimum disability).

Minimum disability is considered: amputation at the ankle, paresis, changes in the joints ( immobility of at least 30 degrees or splicing knee), cerebral palsy, shortening of leg by at least 3 inches.

Judges will evaluate on the following criteria:

1. Managing stroller: to accelerate and stop the wheel by one or the other arm;

2. Function push: pushing in contact with one hand with a partner, with the other hand to direct the motion of the wheelchair

3. Function "on" : holding a partner's hand with one hand, pull it to its side, simultaneously driving the carriage back;

4. A fully functioning hands-free control of wheelchair by hand to be able to change the directional movement while still achieving full straightening of the joints and coordination;

5. Rotation of the trunk: if trunk rotation, keeping the hands on the neck, the athlete tries to maintain a balance.

Later, we will try to tell interesting stories from the lives of athletes involved in sports dancing in wheelchairs.

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Nikita Chizhov