¦ Cerebral palsy: It’s a long term physical condition caused by cuts in the brain and poses a problem in movement of muscles and exercising of motor control. The chief cause is physical trauma experienced by the mother, causing injury to the foetus or a mishap during delivery. Infections can also cause cerebral palsy later in life.

¦ Down syndrome: It is one of the most common genetic disorders and affects people from the time of their birth. A person suffering from it displays delays in physical growth, cognitive growth and is also associated with mental problems.

¦ Dyslexia: It is a disorder that inhibits the process of learning to read with fluency and lucidity. If identified early, it can be dealt with.

¦ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): Children who have ADD are easily distracted and have trouble paying constant attention.

¦ Fetal alcohol syndrome: This syndrome is a result of the consumption of large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy. The consumption of alcohol by the mother can cause severe damage to the brain of the foetus because the growth of the child’s brain takes place throughout the pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome has been identified as the leading cause of mental illness among children.

¦ Autism: A child who suffers from autism has trouble making effective verbal or non-verbal communication. The child finds it difficult to socialise efficiently and their behaviour may be a little difficult to decipher. In some cases there may be a delay in the cognitive functions of the child.

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Nikita Chizhov