Christmas present

Denis Snytko – teenager from the Chekhov.

He from his birth lives with cerebral palsy. The child lapsed into a coma, was on the verge of life and death, was a long and difficult journey of treatment and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the doctors ' efforts have not yet led the boy to recovery. But Denis did not lose hope and continues to believe in the miracle.

He dreams about friends, about normal life, about to go to school with other teenagers. But he wishes for a new year's gift not for yourself and for his sister.

The fact that the sister of Denis hasnt registration in the urban district and only from-for absence of necessary papers for her not to take to kindergarten. In Russia the bureaucracy is very strong and at the end of the transmission of TV presenter Alexander Gordon appealed to officials with the request/ . I'd like to believe that human compassion and desire to help people overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Participation in the program will help Denis and his family to pay attention of officials to his problem and a miracle, though small, has to happen.

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Nikita Chizhov