Child with a mental problem in the classroom

Russia has introduced a law on joint education of ordinary children with special children. This caused a lot of fears from parents. Some of them we will share with you:

"A child with a mental problem in the classroom takes time and effort from the teacher – and so pulls the rest of the class back. What's the point?»

The first thing you need to know the parents of healthy children, is that inclusive education is education in a special way organized. If the school accepts children with disabilities as pupils without any essential changes, then this school can be immediately suspected of corruption. Because an inclusive school is only after the changes and the creation of special educational conditions: required investments in infrastructure massive investments in retraining of personnel, costs of specialists (Tutors, assistants, teachers, supervisors), the contribution to the change in didactics and pedagogical approaches.

Inclusive education is being explored. Our country is not the first and not the last to follow this path. And our country is no different from those countries that have gone in this area much ahead of us – their society has passed through the same minefield of fears and prejudices. And exactly the same fears were studied by scientists.

As a result, we have a lot of scientific evidence that no one pulls down, but exactly the opposite.

For example, one study referred to the Effects of inclusion on the academic performance of non-disabled students. And it showed that being in inclusive classes does not interfere with the academic performance of students who are not disabled, does not affect the amount of time allocated and involvement in the educational process, the frequency of their distraction from the planned activities and the achievements of students on the basis of tests and assessments in the report card.

But it is important not only to make sure that classmates with disabilities do not pull their classmates to the bottom, but also the fact that inclusion benefits them in the development of the school curriculum. This is also a lot of research.

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Nikita Chizhov