Babysitter for an hour

Tamara and Oleg met on the Internet.

- Dad saw who I'm talking to on the Internet, said: "Normal. Let him come. " And when Oleg arrived, they already communicated themselves, I did not even climb into their affairs. Oleg began to live with us, and then we got married, - Tamara recalls.

 Tamara's dad really wanted his daughter to have a family. And Dad began to look for her the same person as she. Parents do not know what kind of illness the daughter has. "Something with the psyche."

Oleg cerebral palsy and cerebellar ataxia, he walks well, but not intelligibly says.

When they had a baby, did't give it right away. It was said that not enough good conditions and a dangerous situation for the child. Only thanks to "Babysitter for an hour" he returned home.

They created a major project - "Improving access to social services for people with disabilities", which was supported by the US Agency for International Development - USAID, - says the chairman. - I told that in our region there are two families of disabled people with young children, and they need help. I began to say that it would be great to do an official service. This is for the officials an argument, and for the help of at least a small, and earnings - 100 rubles, too, money.

So the project "Babysitter for an hour" appeared, and Tamara and Oleg were given a chance.

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Nikita Chizhov