Andrew ten years confined to a wheelchair after a car accident, but that didn't stop him from going on a 600-kilometer expedition on the Kola Peninsula. The traveler believes that to conquer the snowy expanses of the far North needs a strong spirit man. It doesn't matter if he's disabled.

Along with Andrew are traveling with five other tourists, two guides and an operator.

From there, and began a journey called "Polar way". The group moves on snowmobiles, with one of the cars is controlled by Andrew. During the campaign Andrew is a video blog. Then on the basis of the removed video materials will mount a documentary.

"Now I am in krasnoshchelye. To get here is possible only by helicopter: there are no roads around the impassable swamps. Today passed 140 km, it was difficult physically. On the lake and caught two perch. That picture! Ice fishing was engaged for the first time in my life!"- the hero writes in the social network.

The expedition was paid for by Andrey from the funds received due to participation in the grant "all-Russian competition of youth projects". Also, a private company-sponsor provided him with clothing and equipment, which is fully consistent with the conditions of the winter Arctic.

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Nikita Chizhov