"...Abroad I liked it, I love to travel, but my native city the most love»

Little Kolya was born in the Russian province, a village. Doctors have long hesitated to show his mother the newborn – he had no arms and legs. Later, the doctors even offered to give him, but mother was adamant.

Nicholai grew up in a loving family with her parents and older brother. If you do not take into account the physical abnormalities, the boy was no different from their peers. Moreover, since childhood, he had to show remarkable ingenuity to learn to do without assistance. And in two years, when ordinary boys are just starting to speak, the baby suddenly expressed a desire to draw.

Later work armless genius was admired by the visitors of the exhibitions in his native Volga, and later in Moscow. One of them was watching representative of the German University, and now the paintings are exhibited in Berlin.

"On my solo exhibition in Germany presents about 50 paintings, — says the artist. — There was another exhibition in Italy. Abroad I liked it, I love to travel, but my native city the most love.»


A few years ago, Nicholas decided to make a gift to Vladimir Putin: he drew the portrait of the President and sent it to the Kremlin.


"We have a birthday almost in one day, so I decided to make it enjoyable. In gratitude to Putin, helped me solve problems with the car, and I had a new car"Oka".


Nicholas is a regular visitor to the sports club, loves to shoot air guns at targets and have even won national competitions in draughts. In his spare time he travels with friends on a fishing trip.

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Nikita Chizhov