About Galina and Sergei, who have never seen each other

Sergei adores Galina.

"The Gal for me little flower. My duty is to make sure that it blooms, and the soil around it has always been well-groomed and ennobled. We are together, so I am responsible for it, " - he says.

He gets up early, make breakfast, go to the store. Latest for Sergey — quite a feat, because he sees nothing. This, however, does not affect its activity, but on the exit of the trolley he always had to ask for help.

Galina, Sergei's never seen, but knows what he looks like — she "sees" with his fingers. "Beautiful, delicate nose," she says about her husband, smiling helpless smile. She lost her vision at school age, after an unsuccessful operation. He already adults from overwork and high pressure split off and died off the retina of the eye.

Galina calm, she has long learned to live with his disability. Sergey explosive, hot-headed, and Galina complains that he is getting used to the new status is hard.

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Nikita Chizhov