Lorna Taylor, a 25-year-old girl who cannot walk long distances without a wheelchair and to prepare their own meals, referenced to apply for disability benefits.

In June last year, the girl's legs went numb. Within a month, paralysis spread to other parts of the body, and then she was diagnosed with "aggressive multiple sclerosis". So the former nurse itself was chained to a wheelchair. A girl can go a short distance, leaning on a cane, but it's the best she can afford. Even cooking food for her is dangerous because she can drop something or get burned.

The girl can not work, and that the young family had something to live for, Lorna and her partner Eddie Hughes decided to take a benefit to ensure personal independence (PIP). The allowance is at best £ 140 per week, but they would help Lauren and Eddie to handle the bills.

However, the Department for work and pensions, UK has informed Lorna that she was denied benefits. The letter she received said: "you claim that it is difficult for you to move around. I believe you can stand and walk more than 200 meters. You can cook yourself a simple meal without assistance, eat and drink, take a shower, dress and undress yourself."

The girl who had just come to terms with the idea that she would never be a mother was shocked by that refusal. She explained, " I cried and I was angry.

Lorna also said that everyone who does not agree with the decision, may appeal and provide additional evidence of his illness. However, he and his partner cannot wait for the appeal decision, as they are already in a very difficult financial situation.

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Nikita Chizhov