"I did play a fireshow at corporate events and festivals, once in my hands exploded substandard pyrotechnics — so I lost both hands. After the amputation of the hands I woke up in the hospital and found out that my friends are gathering the money to my prostheses. The required amount we have collected fairly quickly, in two and a half months.

I have two pairs of bioelectric prostheses. Some of these prostheses the German firm "Otto Bokk". They cannot be separately move each finger is my casual version.

I wear them almost constantly: at home, in store, on business. I also have a pair of black BeBionic. They allow me to do 80% of all daily Affairs. Of course, I can't do something that requires complex motor skills: play the guitar, clean the potatoes uncomfortable. But I can cook, work, go to the store.

I have had the experience of a life without prostheses and without arms for about four months. It was very difficult both psychologically and physically. But once I got the prosthetic BeBionic 3, this immediately changed the attitude to me. When people see a person with an amputation, they usually avert their eyes. And when that person with cool prosthetics that look high-tech and modern, it helps him to feel like a superhero. People look at me with lively interest, curiosity, ask a lot of questions. The limited health in the twenty-first century — not a stigma for the person."

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Nikita Chizhov