The 18-year-old Russian girl conquered Elbrus on a prosthesis. She was born with an underdeveloped leg, but this does not prevent her from living a full life:

"Everything began when I went to school. By the third class, I was named

like "terminator" or "transformer". But I did not give anyone a sorry - I was a tough enough girl and I constantly fought.

With me there were always people who did not ask unnecessary questions and normally perceived me. Misunderstanding on the part of society began, probably, only when me 14 years - at this age I started make strange to makeup, brightly dress and behave, not like ordinary girls. For example, in the summer I wore not long skirts, but shorts.

For my life I have adapted to many things - for me there are practically no complicated tasks at present. There are difficulties. For example, climb up the stairs. I can not bend my leg, so I have to lift it straight. This is very inconvenient and takes a lot of time. In the summer, when everyone runs to bathe, I have to remove the prosthesis, and only then go into the water. In the sea, you can not swim at all, because I have iron inside, and it can oxidize and rust.

In general, I never regretted that I went on this trip to Elbrus. Although there were many difficulties. Before climbing Elbrus, I practically did not go in for sports, so it was hard. It was necessary to understand how the body will feel. Honestly, the sensations were terrible. When you get up, your head becomes very dizzy, sick and sleepy on the go. A separate story, how to deal with the lack of oxygen.

It was dark - in the head and around. I just looked under my feet and was afraid to fall, although I was tied to my guide. At first the head was empty, and then I thought, how not to freeze. But when you look around, you see the sunset and how the sun touches the tops of the mountains, then there comes a sensation of something magical. "

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Nikita Chizhov